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Tiphereth Planning Consultation

Proposed new co-housing development of 13 housing units for Tiphereth Ltd at Hoyland House, 37 Torphin Road Edinburgh, EH13 0PF

Tiphereth are holding our Public Consultation event on Wednesday 28 November at Hoyland House (former Golf Club Clubhouse) 37 Torphin Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0PF which runs from 6.30pm-9pm. This will be a drop in session at Hoyland House at which there will be an exhibition that sets out the proposals in detail with information about the proposed terraced homes and the co-living concept.

Closure of Redford Barracks

Colinton Community Council has yet to discuss the situation with regard to the potential impact closure of Redford Infantry and Cavalry Barracks in 2022 and the impact that this may have on our community. Needless to say, the loss of the garrison will temporarily leave a significant vacant space in the community. What replaces it, needs to be carefully considered.

It is likely that in time, City of Edinburgh Council will have to create a planning brief for the, site taking into consideration the listing of both the main buildings, the parade grounds as well as the subsidiary surrounding buildings which are in themselves unique in their own way and it will be difficult for any developer to make any changes of use for them.

We continue to keep a watching brief for developments.