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National Planning Framework 4 - comments by 19 Feb

National Planning Framework 4

The Scottish Government is reviewing national planning policies and is developing Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).  

The Government’s Position Statement sets out our current thinking now that the wealth of information received through the Call for Ideas has been digested.

Comments are invited on whether people agree with the Government’s current thinking set out in the Position Statement.  The Government appreciates that stakeholders may not have much capacity to contribute in the current climate, particularly if you have already shared ideas through the Call for Ideas.  Further details of ways stakeholders can get involved can be found here - Planning and Architecture National Planning Framework 4 Position Statement – getting involved and having your say - Planning and Architecture (

Should you wish to contribute please do so through the Government’s consultation hub by 19 February 2021


City Plan 2030 - timetable update

The Council have written to us as follows: 

We are preparing a new Local Development Plan for Edinburgh called City Plan 2030. This will set out policies and proposals for development in Edinburgh through to  2030. City Plan 2030 will set out how we develop our city sustainably over the next ten years

Choices for City Plan

Our main engagement stage ‘Choices for City Plan 2030’ took place between January and April 2020. We received over 1800 responses to the consultation from organisations, community groups and members of the public. The responses to Choices for City Plan 2030 were reported to Planning Committee on 12 August 2020. The full Choices for City Plan consultation responses are available to view on our website.

City Plan 2030

We are now preparing the proposed City Plan 2030. The timetable for preparing the plan and how you can get involved in the next stage of the process is set out in our new Development Plan Scheme.

As set out in the DPS, a proposed plan is now expected to be presented to committee in February/March 2020.

You can view the new Development Plan Scheme on our website.

Period of Representations

Following publication of the proposed plan, the next stage of the plan preparation process allows for comment on the proposed Plan, this is called the period of representations. Representations can be submitted to the proposed plan, either supporting or seeking change to the policies and proposals set out in the plan.

The impact of the current health emergency on the period of representations to the proposed plan is not known at this stage. It is not known if social distancing and/or lockdown measures will be still in place in 2021 to enable traditional, in person, engagement to go ahead.

However, if possible, some, or all, of the following activities will be used to raise awareness and encourage people to have their say on the proposed plan:

  • Launch of proposed plan
  • Publicity to raise awareness of proposed plan
    Statutory neighbour notification
  • Notification to those groups and individuals on the project mailing list telling them how to comment
  • Staffed exhibitions in public places to raise awareness, if possible
    Drop-in sessions to allow opportunity to find out more about consultation proposals, if possible;
  • Best practice online/digital engagement (as guided by the Scottish Government’s digital planning programme) which could include virtual exhibitions, a planning engagement hub, webinars and online events, and
  • Non-digital engagement - including opportunities to ask informal questions, telephone surgeries, printed newsletters, hard copies of documents, paper letters and engagement via other council services.

An update to the Development Plan Scheme will be provided at the time of publishing the proposed plan with the full details on how you can submit a representation to the proposed plan.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with the City Plan Project by

  • subscribing to our blog
  • following us on twitter at @planningedin
  • joining in the conversation by using the #cityplan2030 hashtag.


Pharmaself24 Planning Application


Welcome news that Colinton Pharmacy is seeking to install a machine which will enable all-hours prescription collection.

The planned change is to install a prescription collection machine, called a Pharmaself24, which will allow patients to collect their prescriptions at any time, day or night, if they so choose. When the prescription has been prepared by dispensary staff and labelled, it will be scanned and placed in an individual box inside the machine, from the dispensary side.  The scan will trigger patient record software to send a message to the patient’s mobile phone with a one use pin code which can then be used in the next 48 hours, at the machine, to pick up the package.  The machine will look quite similar to a cash point machine.

Full details here:

Change of use application for Colinton Convenience Store

Plans have been submitted to convert the former Colinton Convenience Store into a "mixed use restaurant and hot food takeaway".
Included with the application are noise, odour & traffic reports.
Full details are online:
20/03167/FUL | Change of Use of a vacant shop unit (Class 1) to a Mixed Use restaurant (Class 3) and hot food takeaway (sui generis) unit together with restoration of rear facing windows. | 30 - 32 Bridge Road Edinburgh EH13 0LQ

Comments must be lodged by the 11th of September.

Colinton CC made representation on this issue.

Representation on Planning Application 30-32 Bridge Road

REPRESENTATION ON PLANNING APPLICATION:  20/03167/FUL  -  30-32 Bridge Road, Colinton

Colinton Community Council (ColCC) has received comments from the local community on the above.

Current Covid restrictions prevent ColCC from meeting in public to agree a formal Community Council representation but the following position has been agreed among its members.

Comments received fall into two main categories:-

  • Broadly supportive - These generally express the view that these empty premises, which have been vacant for a considerable time now, are unhelpful in terms of commercial activity and present an inappropriately unpleasant character in a Conservation Village.        

    However, most of this supportive group also expressed reservations about the precise details of the use.   Some felt Italian food would be inappropriate – the village already contains two Italian restaurants and a carry-out pizza outlet.   Others oppose any form of carry- out trade.   
  • Strongly opposed – Those living closest to the proposals object on various grounds including traffic, noise, smell, litter and visual intrusion.         

    The applicants have submitted noise, odour and traffic assessments.   ColCC does not have access to specialist advice on these issues but urges City of Edinburgh Council to take special care and, if minded to grant permission, impose tight specific conditions to control them:-             

    • Noise:   The reports refer to guideline acceptable noise level standards which relate to building fabric criteria.   However, there is no comment or consideration of the nuisance value of persistent humming noises or vibration at low levels.             

      Nor is there any satisfactory evaluation of the actual performance of key elements such as the existing flues at upper levels which are to be used as ducts.   Older flues often have relatively thin stone or brick walls (sometimes as little as 75mm) and old lime mortar joints have usually deteriorated internally, leaving increased airspaces through which noise penetration to adjacent habitations will be significantly greater than the theoretical figure.  

      The opening hours proposed mean noise from vehicles and customers using these premises late into the night, when other ambient noise is at its lowest, would also be likely to create serious disturbance in the immediate vicinity.           
    • Litter:   It is inevitable that any carry-out trade will generate litter in the immediate surroundings and it is some distance to the nearest litter bins.   The pavement on Bridge Road is very narrow at this point and it will be impossible to place receptacles outside these premises without unacceptably blocking the footway.  
    • Queuing:   Residents are also (rightly) concerned about queues forming outside on this narrow footpath, creating significant obstruction in daytime (particularly at present when social distancing will be seriously inhibited) and at night when noise nuisance will be increased outside in the street.   The narrow road here has hard stone walls on both sides reflecting noise and increasing the levels at receptors. 
    • Traffic:   There is no formal parking at this point and a “blind” corner just uphill to the East.   Carry-out trade in particular will generate illegal parking here during the day and a possibly dangerous obstruction at night.    

The City Council should not grant a consent which does not fully address these points.

Tom McDonald

Chair,  Colinton Community Council

8th September 2020

Tiphereth Planning application

19/01036/FUL | Application for Planning Permission (PP) for a new residential building, comprising of 11 flats and 2 houses Torphin Road, Edinburgh, with associated infrastructure, landscaping and engineering works.   


City of Edinburgh Council have continued the application while they consider the classification of the proposed housing and whether they can legitimately restrict its future use.

Link to application HERE


Current documents relating to this continued application are available at:-





19 01036 FUL 07 LANDSCAPE