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Travelling Safely Extension? CEC Public Engagement 16/6 to 3/7.

Dear Councillor, Community Councillor or Stakeholder,

I write to inform you of a non-statutory Public Engagement exercise we are undertaking to consider an extended trial of the existing Traveling Safely measures across the city.

The engagement is due to open on Friday 10 June and will close on Sunday 3 July 2022, the results of the engagement are expected to be considered at the Transport and Environment Committee in August 2022.

The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) drawings will be available to view on this Link, details of the ETRO documents and schedules should be available on the Council traffic orders website.

Comments on the proposals should be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email.

For and on behalf of the Traveling Safely Team,

Dave Sinclair

Dave Sinclair | Local Transport and Environment Manager

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Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Strategic Plan- Consultation

Development of the SFRS Strategic Plan began in November 2021 with a review of the current 2019-22 Plan. The finding of this review was supplemented by feedback from a series of staff focus groups which provided us with the following points to consider when developing the Strategic Plan 2022-25: 

  • The broad direction of the outcomes remains relevant.  
  • There needs to be a clearer alignment of the Strategic Plan, Long Term Vision, and Fire and Rescue Framework priorities.  
  • We should be realistic in what we can deliver. 
  • We should future proof the language – should be sharper, clearer and more ambitious.  
  • We should address climate change.   
  • Measures of success should be considered.  

The draft Strategic Plan 2022-2025 proposes seven outcomes and shows how these outcomes deliver against the Fire and Rescue Framework 2022 and the SFRS Long Term Vision. Each outcome also provides a set of statements that describe what success will look like when we’ve delivered against that outcome. Shaping our forward direction, the proposals outline how we will make a significant contribution to making people’s lives in Scotland better and safer.  

To ensure we have prepared a plan which meets our stakeholder’s expectations, the draft Strategic Plan 2022-25 has been released for a nine-week public consultation running from 9 May to 10 July 2022.