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ColCC have been involved in getting the Dell Bridges repaired and on Thursday 27 May, Cllr Gavin Corbett (Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart) wrote:

“At a meeting of all councillors I put forward a motion on the far-too-long-delayed repairs to bridges and paths in the Dells.  Big thanks to Water of Leith Conservation Trust, to the local community councils, and to residents for feeding into that.

In response to my motion, at the meeting today, it was confirmed that a report would be going to the Culture and Communities Committee on 15 June with a recommended investment programme in green spaces; and that both bridges and associated paths are on that programme. Importantly, that report will put both bridges into the core funding programme from the council.  Although local community councils and Water of Leith Conservation Trust had signalled an appetite to lead a community fundraising and volunteer effort to tackle the Pipe Bridge, that will now rightly be a core project for the council.   

So good news! I shall be following up with officers to ensure that the work is programmed as quickly as possible. But at least now the impasse seems to be clearing after far too long.”