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Colinton Defib Map

The Colinton Inn has now installed a defibrillator outside the Pub for the benefit of the community. At present we know of seven others sited in local sports clubs, the TA Centre the Library and Colinton Parish Church as shown on the map. Mouse over the image to see a larger version.

These are:

  • Outside Artillery House, 301 Colinton Road (24hr access)
  • Colinton Surgery (during surgery hours)
  • Colinton Tennis Club
  • Dreghorn Loan Hall (24hr access)
  • Colinton Inn (24hr access)
  • Colinton Parish Church - Dell Rooms
  • Colinton Library - Thorburn Road
  • Colinton Bowling Club
  • Bonaly Scout Centre

We want to seek the community's view, so if you have a views on this initiative and know of more defibrillators within the area shown on the map, we'll add further indicators to show these.

This is an evolving project and the more feedback we get from the community, the better.

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