ColCC Roads Presentation March 2024

At the ColCC meeting on 12 March 2024 Cliff Hutt and Sean Gilchrist from the CEC’s  Roads and Infrastructure Department gave a Presentation about the City’s “risk based approach to safety inspections and defect repairs” and answered questions from the Community Council and 30+ members of the public. We were very grateful to the officers for giving up their evening to give us more insight on their approaches, the challenges faced and how we can help by reporting all defects. Report it – The City of Edinburgh Council

The Presentation includes a shortlist of projects for 2024/25 and ColCC was disappointed that only 3 were in the Colinton area. Unfortunately, these did not include stretches that we believe require major attention eg Colinton Road at Rustic Cottages; the top part of Gillespie Rd; and of course Dreghorn Loan. 

Colinton is a key route connecting our neighbouring areas for thousands who travel through every day so this doesn't just affect our residents. Previously there have been serious falls and injuries on our roads and pavements, and keyworkers and parents with young children have been stranded for hours in the dark and wet due to severe damage to their vehicles.

We have written again to the CEC asking for an explanation of their priorities, which don't seem to reflect the heaviest levels of traffic, bus routes and the significant deterioration impacting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.