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Representation to CEC Planning Department Planning Application No. 19/05805/FUL
from Colinton Community Council (ColCC) as a Statutory Consultee

Scottish Water (SW) is currently planning to undertake major works on a sewage pipe which runs along the Water of Leith, which includes areas which impact on Colinton Village. This work is scheduled to start in late February and may take up to a year to complete. While fully supportive of this essential work, Colinton Community Council (ColCC) is concerned to ensure it is carried out in a way which minimises the impact on amenity in Colinton and specifically, access to Spylaw Park, the Colinton Tunnel and the Water of Leith Walkway.

The Community Council is also very concerned at the woefully inadequate public consultation which preceded the submission of SW’s Planning Application.

If successful this Planning Application will see the creation of a work site which will take up all of the old Station Car Park at Gillespie Road, which will have significant impact on general amenity and in particular to access from Bridge Road to Spylaw Park, car parking in Spylaw Park, the Colinton Tunnel and walks along the Water of Leith.

As a result ColCC has written to City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) Planning Department, saying:

1.       How disappointed we are that despite Government policies on community engagement SW has made little effort to consult locally; that the only meeting to consider these proposals was arranged one week before the closing date for representations; and that ColCC, a Statutory Consultee, was not initially invited.

2.       We are concerned that other affected Community Councils have not been advised.

3.       We want to ensure any Planning Permission will include:

3.1     Access to the existing car park at weekends

3.2     Only exceptional weekend working

3.3    “Banksmen” to manage the safety of pedestrian and other traffic

3.4    Uninterrupted work on the Tunnel Art Project

3.5    Heavy vehicles approaching/leaving by Gillespie Road, and only exceptionally through Colinton Village

3.6    Full repair of/compensation for any damage to structures, plantings etc around the proposed works.