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The Colinton environment is enjoyed by many and we should look after it. This section will provide information on environmental issues and initiatives.
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The Environment/Roads Walkabouts restarted again for Colinton on Thursday 1st June 2017. We'll be looking for suitable areas for the next Walkabout.

Spring Clean Up in Colinton – Sunday 22 April 2018

A clean-up of Redford Wood will take place on Sunday 22 April 2018, 11.00am to 1.00pm, organised by Colinton Amenity Association, with input from the Scouts.

Volunteers are welcome and are asked to meet up by 11.00am at the entrance to the wood in Redford Neuk. A map of the area of the ‘litter pick’ is given on the CAA website (click here).

Essential equipment:

  • Wellingtons or stout boots (or trainers if dry)
  • Old clothes, gardening gloves (some will be provided)
  • Wheelbarrows and rakes (some will be provided)
  • Litter pickers and sacks (provided)

Here’s hoping for good weather and lots of willing hands! 





Hedgehog populations are in drastic decline.

More than 50,000 are killed each year on Britain’s roads.

Hedgehogs are also killed in strimming and  mowing incidents.

 Hedgehogs die when eating slugs which have been poisoned with slug pellets.


Drive slowly after dark and early morning and check for hedgehogs on the road, verges and pavements.

Always check long grass and under bushes/shrubs before mowing/strimming. 

Check your garden for hedgehogs before letting dogs out after dark.

Put out a shallow dish of fresh water in a secluded part of your garden especially during dry spells.

Check leaf piles and wood piles before burning.

Leave a small space under your fence so that gardens are linked to allow hedgehogs to travel safely.

For details please refer to

DON’T use slug pellets or poisons. Alternatives are sand, wood chips, gravel or thorny twigs.

NEVER feed Hedgehogs milk.

Avoid nuts, seeds, dried fruit, mealworms, bread, cakes and biscuits.

You can feed meat based dog/cat food (pate/jelly not gravy or fish based), dried hedgehog food (available online or from RSPB) or crushed cat biscuits.

If you find a sick, injured, or tiny Hedgehog, or a Hedgehog wandering about during day time please call the SSPCA immediately on 03000 999 999




Keep cats in overnight during the Bird nesting season (March - August).

Put out an elevated shallow tray (bird bath) of fresh water for drinking and bathing.

Feed quality seeds and nuts over winter (try to keep feeders clean), also mild grated cheese, soaked dried fruit / fruit cake, unsalted hard fats, pastry raw or cooked, cold potatoes, apples and pears. Note (dried fruit can be harmful to dogs and cats).

Plant bushes which have berries, plant thick shrubs and hedging and leave some of your garden wild. Check when to cut back for best berry production or retention.

DON’T feed bread or anything salty or sticky.

DON’T cut back hedges and shrubs during the Bird nesting season (March - August). It is an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

bumble bee


Plant Lavender, Delphiniums, Foxgloves Poppy and Wallflower


Plant a purple Buddlea (Butterfly bush) Cosmos, Alysum, Aster and Nasturtium.

Published courtesy of Milesmark and Baldridge Community Council. Minor amendments by Colinton Community Council

New Estate Environment Walkabout Plan

The South West Locality has been looking at a better structure for the local Walkabouts. This is where local community bodies get together and look at what potential environmental improvements might be considered. The proposal will remove "service" issues from the discussions which will be held twice* a year and concentrate on reviewing areas in the community where money might be better spent making an area more attractive.

Colinton Community Council wishes to work with the various constituted bodies in Colinton as well as community members to examine what we can do to make Colinton a better place.

Examples of Walkabout Suggestions & Service Issues

* It is possible that this may only occur once a year.

Edinburgh Living Landscapes

Edinburgh Living Landscape is a long-term, city-wide programme being carried out by City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust and Greensurge. The programme is made-up of a range of projects that will create, restore and connect green areas of the city to make attractive and biodiverse landscapes, enjoyed by residents and visitors.

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