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Your Health Your Care Your Future - Online Events.


The Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board (EIJB) is responsible for the decision making and strategic planning of health and social care services for adults in the Capital. They are running online events on 17 Nov 2020 10-12 noon; and 19 Nov 2020 7-9pm, which will include views from Edinburgh citizens and a Panel Discussion about ongoing work on health and social care services. More information and tickets at



Flu Vaccination Programme begins w/e 26/27th September


Due to COVID, the traditional GP practice based delivery model for the Flu Vaccine is no longer possible and the main delivery of the programme will be through 8 weekend (Saturday & Sunday) ‘drive thru’ clinics. The designated clinic for Craiglockhart and Firrhill Medical Centres is Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus, 219 Colinton Road, Edinburgh. For Colinton Surgery it's Napier University, Sighthill Campus, 9 Sighthill Court, Edinburgh  The programme will begin on the weekend of 26/27th Sept.

The drive thru clinics will be complemented by walk thru clinics for each practice. Due to social distancing these clinics can only have limited numbers walking through, so people should use the drive through clinics where they are able.

Full details of the drive thru’ and walk thru’ clinics are on the GP practice websites.

Colinton Pharmacy have said they will be offering flu vaccinations from the beginning of October, but are not making appointments yet.

Coronavirus – City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Updates

City of Edinburgh Council has published it's own guidance on Coronavirus:

and NHS info here:


The impact of alcohol in your local community

Alcohol Focus Scotland recently developed a new toolkit to help people raise concerns about the impact of alcohol in their local community.

‘Alcohol licensing in your community: how you can get involved’ outlines action that people can take about problems alcohol is causing in their local area. It also explains how the licensing process works in Scotland and provides practical assistance for people who want to get involved but aren’t sure where to start.

Read more ...

Defibrillators in Colinton

Colinton Defib Map

The Colinton Inn has now installed a defibrillator outside the Pub for the benefit of the community. At present we know of seven others sited in local sports clubs, the TA Centre the Library and Colinton Parish Church as shown on the map. Mouse over the image to see a larger version.

These are:

  • Outside Artillery House, 301 Colinton Road (24hr access)
  • Colinton Surgery (during surgery hours)
  • Colinton Tennis Club
  • Dreghorn Loan Hall (24hr access)
  • Colinton Inn (24hr access)
  • Colinton Parish Church - Dell Rooms
  • Colinton Library - Thorburn Road
  • Colinton Bowling Club
  • Bonaly Scout Centre

We want to seek the community's view, so if you have a views on this initiative and know of more defibrillators within the area shown on the map, we'll add further indicators to show these.

This is an evolving project and the more feedback we get from the community, the better.

Let us know your views Contact Us

The chain of survivalFor more information click on the image or go to:

A Message from Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland would greatly appreciate the help of every Community Council to get alcohol onto the agenda of all council strategies following the May election.

 Can you please forward a link to this message to your services and to anyone else as you think relevant?

 We have produced alcohol harm fact sheets for each local area, for Edinburgh you can find this at

 You may wish to encourage services and local activists to engage with candidates in person or through social media, e.g., services or recovery groups could invite candidates to visit and hear about issues first hand, or individuals could attend local hustings and ask candidates questions. [Follow us on Twitter @AlcoholFocus.]

 These are some of the questions you might want to ask

  • Would you agree that action on alcohol is a priority issue that cuts across many sectors?
  • How would you reduce the impact of alcohol on health, families and communities in your area?
  • What steps will you take to find out about the impact of alcohol locally?

 It would be great if you could also share with us any examples of work that you are already doing at a local level.

 Alcohol Focus Scotland has contacted all candidates in the forthcoming local elections to raise awareness of alcohol issues. Emails have been tailored for each candidate with information about their local area - please see below for an example.