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ColCC wants your views...

At our Community Council meeting on 10 March, Police Scotland gave a presentation on their pilot Community Speed Watch Scheme. Not many members of the public were present and the Community Council’s views on the Scheme were split, so we have decided to seek the community’s views directly.   We’d be grateful therefore for your answers to the questions listed below.

Briefly, this scheme is designed to allow volunteers from the community to officially monitor and report to the Police the details of speeding vehicles in specific areas where speeding is of concern to the community. Despite assurances at our meeting that volunteers could be drawn from the whole community, the paperwork clearly looks to Community Councils to administer the proposed system and for its members to be actively involved, including becoming volunteers.

The idea is that ColCC should find and manage suitably vetted and trained local volunteers to check vehicle speeds at agreed locations. The team would use Police equipment including warning sign and radar gun, recording and reporting offenders, who would then receive a warning letter from the Police. To date 7 Community Councils have chosen to proceed with the Scheme: we have 46 in Edinburgh. 

A minority of ColCC members were in favour, seeing this as a good way to support the Police in dealing with the widely acknowledged issue of speeding in Colinton. Other members did not support the Scheme, believing this to be a Police responsibility, and not appropriate for Community Councils; that as Col CC’s aim is to represent the views of the community, or significant groups within it - not to control its behaviour- this activity could damage our representative role; and finally that volunteers could be seen as “vigilantes”; and personal safety might be an issue if volunteers became targets for “radar-gun rage”.


ColCC Police Community Speed Watch Questionnaire

    1. Do you support/not support the Police Community Speed Watch Scheme? Why?
    2. Are you happy /not happy that this should be operated by Colinton Community Council? Why?
    3. Would you be prepared to be a Police Community Speed Watch Volunteer?
    4. If you replied “Yes” to Q3, can we retain your name and contact details for use in this Scheme, if it goes ahead in Colinton

Responses please to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..